• What is Marketing Resource Management or MRM?
    MRM platforms are software solutions which enable strategic planning, program management, creative development and coordination of marketing resources for marketers manage, save and distribute marketing materials across print, digital, social, and mobile mediums. in collaboration with local affiliates.
  • What's the difference between an MRM system and web-to-print software?
    Web-to-print software has been around since the mid 1990s to help print customers manage their print projects through web-based tools. These systems are typically quite basic "off-the-shelf" software through which a customer uploads a finished file to be printed. Marketing Resource Management (MRM) systems are robust brand management tools which empower marketers to better control their brand while producing a wide range of customizable marketing collateral materials.
  • How will Marketing Resource Management software benefit my organization?
    • Streamline production and distribution of marketing collateral materials
    • Improved management, security and sharing of marketing assets across the organizational departments and external distribution channels.
    • Improve marketing return on investment through streamlined production and results measuring
    • Permit local marketing teams to customize materials to meet their needs while maintaining brand integrity
  • What are the most important key elements of an effective Marketing Resource Management system?
    Quality MRM systems, like those developed by BlueSky ETO are built with your organizational needs and goals in mind. They should include: 
    • Robust Digital Asset Management
    • Creative Project Management
    • Brand Identity Guidelines
    • Web to Print solution
    • Product Information Management
    • Brand Store
    • Content Hub
    • Insights and Analytics